What makes Farrow & Ball paint different?

Unique Pigments

Farrow & Ball uses twelve exclusive pigments, all specifically selected for their color intensity. They take color seriously, so naturally, they only accept the very best. By using these same pigments to make every color in the palette, all shades combine effortlessly, making it easy for you to put together a cohesive color scheme.

Expert Color Creation

As part of the process, color experts check the color under all kinds of light, so the color you fall in love with is the color you get. Color-matched paint can sometimes look similar to Farrow & Ball under one kind of light, but because they’ve used a different balance of pigments, the color will shift under another light.

The Environment

Farrow & Ball's dedication to the environment informs everything they do, from sourcing the raw materials to helping you recycle the leftovers from your projects. Their entire range is designed with this in mind, helping all of us to create more beautiful homes using less energy and fewer resources.

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75 Years of Perfecting Paint

From subtle neutrals to inky darks, fresh greens to brilliant reds, all 132 signature shades are handcrafted for a deeper, richer look and an extraordinary response to light. Available in a range of finishes, browse their curated collection of paint colors below and get ready to fall in love.

[color: Bamboozle No. 304]